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Name: Wifi Remote Control Intelligent Socket Plug

Type: EU Standard

Rated voltage: AC 90-250V

Maximum load current: 15A

Maximum power: 3750W

Wifi frequency: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz

Support System: IOS Control

Model: Manual control /WIFI control switch

APP name: Apple Homekit

How to connect:

Step 1: Power on the plug and check if the indicator light is blinking(the light blinks about once every second). [note: If the smart plug doesn't blink slowly, please long press button for 3s to restore the factory Setting and enter flashing state]

Step 2: Open the WLAN setting page of your iPhone, search and connect to the WiFi hotspot named as Homekit_xxxx.WiFi configuration interface will pop up automatically(factory mode)

Step 3: Choose your home WiFi router(2.4Ghz)name in the window that just poped up, enter your password and then click "join". After the WiFi configuration interface has skipped to the WiFi list page, please make sure that the indicator light is always on.

Step 4: Open Home APP,click"add accessory",input default password (12345678)below into camera aperture. click "still add". wait for the encryption check(about 50s),then you have added the smart plug to Home App successfully.

Note: If your phone is unable to scan,click"don't have a code or can not scan" choose the device you want to add, click"still add"and input default password:12345678, wait for the encryption check(about 50s),then you have added the smart plug to Home App successfully.

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