Stay Home, Shop Fast, Save Big!

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Stay Home, Shop Fast, Save Big! 

This spells the end of wrestling yourself into a top in an overheated changing room or endless searching for a product you can’t find. How? You Choose and We Deliver. Tololi Online Store is Choice at Your Fingertips. 

We transform the challenges of a digitalized world into accessible on-trend fashion, gadgets, homeware and much more at prices you won’t need to delve into your overdraft for. 

Why Online Shopping, Why Now? 

Where to start? Our epic list of products online sure provide plenty of inspiration. We cater for Convenience, Quality, value for Money, the latest Trends and the best Prices. We have Namibia’s largest selection of clothing, accessories and shoes online, mixing popular brands with high end fresh, independent labels. Why not shop online and enjoy the freedom of time, no congestion and no long lines. 

With Us it’s just One Click at your choice. 

That rush of purchasing a new dress with a simple click is almost too good, isn’t it? All you need to do is keep exploring as we will take you through the best online shopping experience in Namibia. It's like having that friend who always finds the best deals as your own personal shopping assistant.

Explore our Departments and Trends Today at - from bold trends and once off deals to luxe gadgets and electronics. 

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  • Nice article! I can’t wait to shop with Tololi!

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