Save with LCL (Less than Container Load) !!

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Did you know?

Each time you purchase a product online, almost 50% of that purchase price is contributed by the shipping fee? This fee is almost negligible when dealing with jewelry or cellphone covers, however, when dealing with clothing - that added fee can squeeze more out of your pocket than necessary.

So today, we'd like to urge our customers, especially those ordering goods for resale purposes, to PLAN 3 MONTHS AHEAD!

Chinese sellers are able to undercut a lot of local prices simply because they plan ahead and bring in container loads of goods. In the end, these products end up costing them so little, they sell them for "unbelievable" prices, and still end up making a profit. You and your business can do this too. Simply PLAN 3 MONTHS AHEAD, and then order from Tololi :).

Thank us later!

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